Paige and Ginger Philosophy



Paige and Ginger are two fun-loving girls obsessed with boxed wine, men and photo opportunities around the world. With their ruby red lips and big inquisitive eyes, Paige (the brunette) and Ginger (the blonde) differ, at first glance, only in their hair color. Upon closer inspection, however, their personalities reveal more differences. Paige is the more conservative and at times, more envious one; she likes to think she is more sophisticated with her love of mai-tais and sensible shoes. Ginger, on the other hand, is more of a free spirit with a passion for boxed wine and an ever-present desire to ditch Paige. Whatever their differences, it's clear there is nothing that Paige and Ginger can't do... they are strong, empowered and utterly limitless.

Paige and Ginger

“Paige and Ginger are my girly, hyper-feminine alter egos. Catty, funny, and youthful, they also offer an opportunity for me to feel ‘safe’ speaking in their voices, much like a ventriloquist.” - Julia Gomelsky