Interviewed by Rebecca Prusinowski for her blog on fashion, media, beautiful moments and quintessential creative finds.


Julia is working on a ‘post postmodern’ project, as I call it, featuring two nude dolls photographed around the world. “They are the girly, hyper-feminine alter personalities to myself.“ Not intended as a feminist critique in her eyes, The Doll Collection nonetheless dismantles the notion of what dolls are supposed to look like and how they behave. Says Gomelsky, ”They’re just two fun loving girls in pursuit of men, boxed wine and every photo opportunity around the world. Catty, funny and youthful, they also offer an opportunity for me to feel 'safe’ speaking in their kinds of voices, much like a ventriloquist.“ Check their hilariously irreverent twitter feed for proof of that!


GRAFFITI, Santa Monica, Calif.

GRAFFITI, Santa Monica, Calif.

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